MN Modular Mainframe

MediorNet Modular allows the customers to configure the mainframe to their requirements. The frame can be filled with various Media and Link cards, as needed for the specific application.

All modules and cards are hot swappable. Redundant power supplies guarantee maximum reliability. The optimized cooling concept of MediorNet results in a very low-noise system. The horizontal air ow within the device allows for effective cooling without the need for additional rack space below or above the MediorNet mainframe.

MediorNet frames can be rack mounted in various positions, e.g. with all connectors on the front or on the rear side, or recessed to allow cabling from the front but without connectors or cables exceeding the rack’s dimensions. The IEC connectors can be located front or rear independent from the other cabling.

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MediorNet Modular Mainframe

MN-2RU Modular Mainframe

  • 1 x slot for the processing card
  • 6 x high-speed card slots (four with a 2x 4.25 Gbit/s and two with a 4x 4.25 Gbit/s connection to the backplane, designed for high data rate signals such as video signals or CWDM link cards)
  • 2 x low-speed card slots (each one with 2x 125 Mbit/s connection to the backplane, designed for low data rate signals such as audio signals)

MN-XSS 2.0 Processing Card

The MN-XSS Processing Card serves as the heart of any MediorNet mainframe. It includes extensive LED status indicators for all cards and modules. The card ensures the optimal signal path and best use of available bandwidth. It also provides a universal router for all the individual media signals contained in the 16x16 high- speed MediorNet signals. MediorNet allows the user to build up a decentralized high-speed routing (<40ms) environment consisting of multiple MediorNet nodes. In addition, the card features a wide range of standard interfaces. These include:

  • 1x 100BaseT Ethernet connection for system configuration or external router control systems
  • 1x 1000BaseT Gigabit Ethernet for PC networks (transparent tunneling)
  • 2x Artist intercom panel connectors (1x RJ45, 1x BNC, usable independent of one another)
  • 2x bi-directional MADI interfaces (1x optical via SFP module, 1x electrical via two BNC connectors) *The use of RIEDEL SFPs is required.
  • 1x Sync In & 1x Sync Out via BNC connectors for frame synchronization