MN Audio Breakouts

In addition to the MADI interfaces available on the processor card, the MN-RN300 RockNet Audio Interface Card gives access to the wide range of Riedel RockNet audio interface modules.

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MN Audio Breakouts

RN.301.MI Microphone / Line Input Interface

The RN.301.MI provides 8 remote controllable microphone/ line input channels on XLR connectors. The state of the art circuitry is designed to fulfill the highest demands in dynamic range, common mode rejection, and overall audio quality.

RN.302.LO Line Output Interface

The RN.302.LO provides 8 analog line output channels on XLR connectors that can drive any amplifier or self-powered speaker to the maximum level. The mute relay is activated during power on/off. Output redundancy is offered to drive a single amplifier from two different RN.302.LO devices.

RN.331.DD Digital I/O interface

The RN.331.DD provides 4 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs via AES/EBU on XLR connectors.

RN.332.DO Digital output interface

The RN.332.DO provides 8 digital outputs via AES on XLR connectors.


The RN.334.MD module provides two MADI interfaces with electrical and optical inputs and outputs. It offers connection to any digital mixing console, recording system and audio routing environment. The module supports both 56 and 64 channel MADI format. The MADI Interface also offers native support for Solid State Logic consoles – including remote gain and Independent Gain. 

RN.335.DI Digital input interface

The RN.335.DI digital input module provides eight digital inputs via AES. To integrate different digital sources, it features high-quality algorithms for excellent sampling rate conversion, and it supports sampling rates between 32 and 192 kHz.