MediorNet MicroN

MediorNet MicroN is software-enabled, app-based hardware that can be many different things: It can be a throw-down signal processor, a simple point-to-point link for up to 12 bi-directional HD signals, or part of a large de-centralized router – but it can even serve as a MultiViewer or a bridge between MediorNet networks and IP networks!

As an 80G media distribution network device for Riedel’s MediorNet line of media transport and management solutions, MicroN works seamlessly with the MediorNet MetroN core fiber router. MicroN is a high-density signal interface with a complete array of audio, video, and data inputs and outputs, including 24 SD/HD/3G-SDI I/Os, two MADI optical digital audio ports, a Gigabit Ethernet port, two sync reference I/Os, and eight 10G SFP+ high- speed ports. MicroN is available as a fully networked MediorNet device, as well as a point-to-point edition at a very competitive price point.

In just 1RU, MicroN offers a highly versatile signal interface that can be used in productions of every size and complexity. For the largest media networks built on MediorNet transport devices, MicroN can serve as a breakout box for a MetroN router and extend connectivity beyond the fiber I/Os to any type of video and audio I/O required. Furthermore, MicroN can simply work with a MetroN router, with other MicroN units, or in a standalone point-to-point configuration to provide an economical solution for small- to medium-sized productions. And, like the other MediorNet devices, MicroN has powerful built-in signal processing features that eliminate the need for many external devices.


  • 10G (4,25G) Link bandwidth
  • 3G-/HD-/SD-SDI
  • 2x MADI audio
  • Gigabit Ethernet Tunnel
  • Synchronization (Black Burst, Tri-level, Word Clock)
  • Redundant, wide-range AC power supply

MicroN Hardware


  • 10G MediorNet Links (4.25 capable)
  • 12 3G/HD/SD-SDI Input + 12 3G/HD/SD-SDI Output
  • 2x MADI audio
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Synchronization (Black Burst, Tri-level, Word Clock)
  • Redundant, wide-range AC power supplies

MicroN Software

MultiViewer App

  • MediorNet MultiViewer engine
  • Access to every MediorNet input signal
  • processes up to 18 signals
  • flexible placement on four virtual screens
  • local signal inputs and outputs
  • Widgets (tallies, under-monitor-displays, audio level meters, and several clocks and counters)

MediorNet Processing App for MicroN

The MediorNet Processing App adds de-centralized and powerful processing capabilities to every MediorNet infrastructure. Built on the 80G media distribution hardware, Riedel’s new app is a virtual resource for signal processing and is designed to work within MediorNet networks, enabling on-board signal-processing including frame synchronization, embedding/ de-embedding, and delays. Each input signal can be routed to this virtual resource to be processed and played out at any output within the system.

The MediorNet Processing App delivers the benefits of a decentralized signal network by enabling processing hardware to be placed anywhere it‘s needed, leveraging the network for sources and removing the extra layer of gear and complexity.

MicroN IP App

The MediorNet MicroN IP App includes support for up to 4 SMPTE ST 2110-20 inputs and outputs plus 4 baseband 3G-SDI signals and 8 3G-SDI outputs, with 4 of those dedicated to monitoring the ST 2110-20 streams. Also supported are 4 MediorNet HighSpeed Links, AES67 audio, 2 optical MADI ports, and sync I/O. MediorNet MicroN IP also supports NMOS device discovery/registration and connection management or manual configuration for non-NMOS installations.

MediorNet MicroN IP is fully PTPv2 compliant and allows to syncronize MediorNet to either PTP or traditional sync signals (like BlackBurst).

The MediorNet MicroN IP App is the next step for the MediorNet ecosystem. With several I/O options and complete flexibility in placement, MediorNet MicroN IP can create IP endpoints anywhere in an installation to create a truly hybrid signal-transport and processing environment.

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