Media Networks


Whether in studios or stadia, in concert halls or on cruise ships – complex media networks are indispensable for efficiently transporting video, audio and data signals in real-time. Here, Riedel’s MediorNet is the perfect solution: This decentralized network is reliable and fully redundant, and offers a flexible topology along with a broad spectrum of processing and routing options.

MediorNet combines signal transport, routing, processing and conversion in a redundant real-time network. Instead of a central router, the network is based on an array of decentralized network devices and intelligent nodes. This distributed system intelligence allows the free placement of physical I/Os, which increases the flexibility of any installation while significantly reducing cabling and set-up time. With integrated features such as frame store/frame sync and embedders/de-embedders, MediorNet also minimizes the need for external processing and glue equipment. Through these features, MediorNet provides enormous efficiency gains in all production environments. 

The MediorNet family consists of the flexible signal interfaces MicroNCompact and Modular, as well as the core router MetroN. Together they form a fully modular and scalable system that can be customized to meet any requirement.

Especially the software-defined hardware MicroN provides enormous flexibility, as its range of functions can be extended by various apps: It can be a simple point-to-point link or part of a large de-centralized router – but it can also serve as a MultiViewer or a bridge between MediorNet networks and IP networks.

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