TANGO Software

The Tango TNG-200 is Riedel’s first fully-networked platform based on the AVB and RAVENNA/AES67 standards. With its own dedicated Intercom application, it can be turned into a cutting-edge and flexible solution for a variety of communications scenarios.

Riedel’s Tango TNG-200 offers powerful processing capabilities, 2 integrated Riedel Digital Partylines, 2 RAVENNA/AES67 and AVB compatible ports, 2 Ethernet ports, 1 option slot, and redundant power supplies. Tango TNG-200 is 1.5 RU high and features a low mounting depth and a low noise design. Most Riedel current and legacy Intercom panels, including the new 2300 Smartpanel, are fully compatible with Tango.

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TANGO Software

My first Riedel Application

Riedel’s Tango TNG-200 together with the “My First Riedel” application is an asymmetric 40x80 matrix which can be configured via Riedel’s Pulse software.


Pulse Intuitive Configuration Software

Riedel’s Pulse is the configuration software for the Tango TNG-200 platform. It enables access, setup, and control of any aspect and function of the Tango TNG-200 platform and its installed applications, combining intuitive handling features such as drag and drop as well as 3D views for easy programming.