Radio Interfacing

Intelligent and seamless interfacing to the outside world is the key to success in many intercom applications.

The Artist platform is an open world of communications. Dedicated interface solutions let you communicate with telephones, digital and analog partylines, camera intercoms, 2-way radios and other analog and digital systems.

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Radio Interfacing

RiFace G2 – Universal Radio Interface

The RiFace G2 is a universal radio interface to connect wired communication systems with walkie-talkie style radio systems. The 19”/2RU interface includes one or two two-way radios (user provided), processor logic to control the radios, DSP-presets as well as circuitry to adjust the levels of the various audio sources. Set-up and operation is fast and easy. The RiFace G2 can also operate as a stand-alone radio repeater.

JUGGLER Integrated TETRA Radio System for Artist Intercoms

The Riedel JUGGLER solution seamlessly integrates TETRA digital trunked radio networks into the wired intercom matrix, providing intelligent integration between TETRA radio groups and Riedel Artist intercom ports. The system allows calls from any port/ group/conference of the Artist system to up to 64 individual TETRA radio groups and vice versa. The interface connects the TETRA Base Station Controller to any given Riedel Artist system via MADI. JUGGLER works with any TETRA-standard compliant subscriber.