ARTIST Software DIRECTOR - Intuitive Configuration Software

Director is quick to learn and convenient to use. Configurations are easily edited by drag-and-drop.

Programmable logic functions provide the possibility to handle even complex production requirements with ease, while freely definable markers allow a customized control of the system. With the Audio Patch function, all internal routing and DSP aspects of any control panel of an Artist system can be configured and saved remotely reducing set-up and service time of the system.

A high degree of monitoring and diagnostic features are implemented allowing maintenance personnel to solve a problem quickly or to assist a user. This is achieved by the real-time Crosspoint View function in conjunction with the full remote control of each aspect of the system. Control panels and matrix activities can be logged for later inspection. Multiple PCs can control and monitor the system using the Ethernet connection. All PCs show the online configuration status simultaneously, and each can access and change the configuration according to its user rights. Since the configurations are stored within each networking Artist frame, the system’s reliability won’t be affected by the failure of a configuration PC.

An extensive user level control allows for setting up user groups with dedicated access rights to the system. Whole configurations and parts of them can be saved and reloaded as “partial files”. This allows system setups for different types of productions to be easily stored and recalled.


  • Real-time status of the entire system
  • Multiple PC access with user level control
  • Configurations are stored in the matrix
  • Remote control
  • Real-time cross point view
  • Versatile IFB tools
  • Audio patches
  • Route audio command
  • Programmable logic functions
  • Free definable markers

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Partial Files

The Partial Files add-on allows not only whole configurations but also parts of the configuration to be saved and reloaded as “partial files” so that system setups for different types of productions can be stored and recalled.


The Events/Scheduler add-on is a versatile tool to trigger pre-defined events (including MCR conferences) or configuration changes automatically.

Master Control Room

With Master Control Room the individual conference intercom systems or 4-wire conference systems found in many broadcast installations can be easily replaced and integrated into the main intercom system. An integrated scheduler allows for pre-programming the start of regular conferences, e.g. the daily editorial conference at 9:00 am.

Riedel Router Control Software RRCS 2.0

The Riedel Router Control Software (RRCS) provides a universal XMl interface for enabling third party router control systems to control Riedel Artist Intercom systems. Version 2.0 of the RRCS Software features an expanded set of XMl commands for the software to allow for an even deeper integration of external third party control systems and Artist.

Trunk Navigator

Riedel’s Trunk Navigator Software enables you to comfortably network geographically diverse Artist Intercom systems by dynamically allocating audio trunk lines between their locations. These trunk lines could be established with ATM, ISDN, VoIP, digital leased lines or analog land lines. The redundancy design enables the software to run on two computers simultaneously and switch seamlessly from one computer to the other in the case of a failure. Trunk Navigator allows the trunking of up to 50 Artist intercom systems with a total system size of 51,200 ports.