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2048x2048 Audio Router

This Audio Router App is the highest density audio routing solution in the market. The App supports 64 flows at ingest and egress, each one with up to 32 channels of audio. 2048x2048 audio channels can be dynamically re-mapped as desired. The App also provides audio packet time conversion for each of your receiving flows. This solution is perfect to resolve interoperability between devices not matching audio flow versus channel profiles. 

Up to 32x SFP audio shufflers can be installed inside the VirtU 32 frame leveraging the dual mac feature providing two physical IP connections for support of ST2022-7 hitless redundancy. 



Audio Router

Audio Router


  • 64x64 ST2110-30/31 flows
  • 32 audio channels per flow
  • Full mapping/shuffling capabilities
  • Packet time conversion
  • Support of 2022-7
  • Dual MAC support
  • 10GE on host App
  • Simple RESTful API for third-party control system
  • Available with NMOS or Ember+ control API 



  • Resolves audio flow capacity limitation between device
  • High density, low weight and power




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