Motorsports impose exacting demands on man and machine. Therefore, they call for both staff and technologies that meet the highest requirements and are reliable even in the most challenging situations.

Riedel has been supplying systems to motorsports events since 1993. Today, Riedel serves all Formula 1 races world-wide with specialized radio- and intercom systems to the race control and various teams. Despite the ear-piercing noise of the racetrack, these systems enable failure-free communications between race control, teams and drivers.

Seamless integration of wired & wireless systems, 100% security against interception, and the networking of various team structures requires extensive experience in the system planning of high quality equipment. Riedel’s Artist digital intercom platform provides maximum flexibility and reliability. The tight relationship with Riedel’s manufacturing arm places the company in the unique position to furnish customized systems directly from the factory.


Riedel's Managed Technologies Solution for Motorsports includes:

  • planning, installation and operation of the system
  • on site service personnel
  • spare parts and spare radios
  • wide range of accessories such as headsets etc.
  • special motorsport solutions for high-noise environments
  • optional: development of customised solutions (e.g. for the the drivers)