Guest-One is one of Germany’s biggest providers of software and services in the area of participant management and offers bespoke solutions for the most demanding projects.

Guest-One assists you in the early planning and setup phases of your project. An appointed contact also supports you throughout the entire registration phase. After the event, Guest-One automatically generates comprehensive reports and evaluations that help the assessment of the event and flow into the planning of forthcoming projects.

When it comes to guest management, Guest-One is a full-service provider with 20 years of experience. This service is offered as a flexible, web-based multi-event tool for guest management for customer and employee events, incentive trips and seminars.

Consultancy and planning, project management, graphic design and the provision of event equipment and trained personnel on site play a crucial role in every major event. With Guest-One, you won’t have to worry about any of these things. 

One of Guest-One’s core product is Crew Control, a web-based crew management tool. The new system makes managing crew members and employees even more secure for events, tradeshows festivals and large public events. Crew Control unites the management of personal data, access authorizations, workdays, off days and other information of all your employees in a single system. All data fields can be customized, which means other data can be added at any time. Access authorizations can also be revoked just as quickly and easily. 

With Crew Control, all employees receive forgery-proof ID cards with various security features. The management process can be further simplified by mobile crew control stations. Guest-One always has online access to the system. If there happens to be a problem, they can intervene immediately and provide remote support, conduct maintenance and make adjustments. 


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