CCTV The Unified Security Solution

The demands in event security keep increasing, not only for G8/G20 summits, NATO summits or Olympic Games but also for smaller events like open-air festivals, city fairs and corporate events. Video surveillance systems are the key to providing enhanced situational awareness and increased public safety.

We are specialists in providing complete CCTV solutions for temporary applications, including consulting, planing and the set-up and operation of the state-of-the-art equipment. This includes HD PTZ cameras, the necessary wireless, cable-based or fiber-based signal transport and comprehensive management systems. In addition, Riedel can provide a complete security infrastructure solution including RFID-based accreditation and access control systems, video surveillance systems and professional mobile radio solutions.

Our credits in providing video surveillance solutions include the world’s largest Heavy Metal Festival Wacken 2012, the Rock- im-Park Festival 2012, the Opening & Closing Ceremonies of the London Olympic Games and the parc fermé and the pit lane at every Formula 1 race.


Video, Audio & Access Control


The core of Riedel’s CCTV solution is its fully integrated video, audio & access control management system, which is networking all system components to provide a comprehensive view of a venues’ or facility’s security operations. The monitoring solution is easy to use and bundles access control with full-featured video management as well as video analytics and intrusion detection capabilities.


Video & Audio Analytics

Riedel’s CCTV solutions include built-in real-time video analytics including people counting, people count direction, line crossing, activity, direction, face capture, perimeter, forensic analytics, dwell time, object taken, object moved, license plate recognition and next generation facial recognition. This allows users to search for individuals from an image database across multiple cameras for potential matches, e.g. to nd a lost child or to prevent unwanted people from accessing certain areas. The integrated license plate recognition provides the ability to read vehicle license plates and check them against a database for rapid identity. The audio analytics can automatically recognize sounds such as glass breaking and gun shots so that immediate action can be taken.


Video Display & Recording

Riedel’s CCTV solution provides convenient options for displaying live and recorded video including easy assignment of cameras and other video via drag & drop, sophisticated split-views and customized monitoring layouts. Riedel’s high- performance solution allows the recording and playback of up to 128 HD cameras alongside event incidents and all audio.


Incident Management

The enhanced incident management system indicates high-risk incidents as priorities, locks critical events and restricts user-defined events from the event log. The solution also offers enhanced search and viewing options. Video management and access control work hand in hand to identify and alert against potentially harmful activities including break-ins, forced entries and tailgating.


Multi-site Remote Management

Single or multiple sites equipped with Riedel CCTV solutions can be accessed, configured and monitored from a single control center. Critical data and system configurations are securely backed up to remote servers. The solutions remote management capability enables the user to track important events across multiple sites and have a global view of the entire system. The solution also allows iOS and Android based mobile devices to remotely monitor live video from cameras, playback recorded video and to unlock doors remotely.