Why Riedel?

These are the top 3 reasons why Riedel is the right decision for you.

  • We are pioneers and enable you to do things and achieve goals that were not possible before.
  • Through our Rental business all our products are road tested and the insight we receive at the largest events worldwide go back into their development and improvement. 
  • Working with Riedel means saving money due to an efficient, future proof investment.


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Optimised Business Processes


All of the company’s divisions, including R&D, manufacturing, rental, project management, marketing and sales, are consolidated in the “Riedel Technologie Park” – Wuppertal’s high-tech business park. Product development and enhancement benefit directly from the experience of past and current projects. Sales and support offices worldwide provide optimal service to our customers.

Everything from a Single Source

OB Van

The core of Riedel’s product and solutions portfolio consists of integrated real-time networks for HD video, audio, data and communications. Riedel’s products include the fibre-optic media network MediorNet, the intercom solutions Artist, Bolero, Tango and Performer as well as the digital audio network RockNet. A wide range of complementary technologies, such as professional radio systems and RF video solutions, further expand Riedel’s product range. In close collaboration with its system partners, Riedel’s capabilities extend to custom-made solutions and ready-to-use systems. Years of experience in project management and adapting equipment to unique project demands underscore the customer oriented attitude of the company.

Practical Solutions from Practical Experiences


Riedel maintains a large rental operation which enables the company to address the needs of its customers directly. The rental service provides tailored wired and wireless communications solutions, IT infrastructure for events, as well as fibre-based and wireless signal transport and routing systems for sporting, event, theatre and industrial applications worldwide. In addition to renting equipment, Riedel offers extensive support services from project planning to on-site operation. “Through our rental activities we get to know our customers’ needs. It gives us the opportunity to analyze their problems and create solutions to meet their demands. At Riedel, practical solutions are developed from practical experiences. This is a fundamental part of our corporate culture,” explains Thomas Riedel, Managing Director and founder of Riedel Communications.

Quality made in Germany


Riedel’s products are manufactured entirely in Germany – from research and development to production. The production process is ISO:9001 certified. “In this way we can be assured of meeting the highest demands concerning product quality and strength. The resulting reliability is especially important because our products are in operation 24/7,” adds Riedel.