Logistics Riedel's Hub

Logistics department is the nerve center of our business. The movement of all goods is run through here. Previous to being installed in one of our products, each little component has to pass the doorstep of our brand new logistics area. As a final product it comes back just before being shipped into the world.

Riedel’s Logistics go hand in hand with our Managed Technologies department. Here, material for our worldwide projects is commissioned, packed and sent. Once a project is finished, the gear returns here to be cleaned, checked and maintained before it is sent off to the next gig.

Our material planners are part of the logistics process and make sure it works. They manage the Riedel stock and dispose the equipment according to the technical planning, which makes them a central point of contact when it comes to the execution of projects. Even in times when numerous events are running simultaneously, the material planners keep a cool head and ship 40,000 radios and 8,000 km of fiber optics to Rio, for instance.

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