Milestones & History

2019: Artist-1024 and acquisition of Embrionix

  • At the NAB show in Las Vegas, Riedel introduces the new Artist-1024 node, representing the next evolutionary step of the Artist ecosystem with high port density and native IP support.
  • With the acquisition of the Canadian IP video specialist Embrionix, Riedel expands its extensive portfolio of video solutions and opens up new possibilities in signal transmission and processing.


2018: RSP-1232HL SmartPanel and acquisition of Archwave and Cymatic Audio

  • Riedel introduces the new 1200 Series Smartpanel at NAB 2018. The RSP-1232HL represents a quantum leap forward in workflow flexibility, power, and connectivity.
  • With the acquisition of Swiss engineering pioneer Archwave, Riedel’s development team is expanded to over 100 engineers. By taking over Cymatic Audio, the company taps into new markets in the audio sector.


2017: Bolero & 30th anniversary 

  • Bolero: At Prolight & Sound 2017, Riedel Communications introduced Bolero, a game-changing new wireless intercom solution.
  • 30th anniversary: In 2017, Riedel celebrates its 30th year since being founded in 1987 culminating in a party with guests from all over the world.


2016: Rio and Delec

  • Rio: Riedel contributes to the Games more than 14.000 radios and 20.000 in-ear monitors as well as numerous MediorNet frames. In total, 400 pallets of equipment were shipped to Brazil.
  • Delec: Riedel acquires DELEC Audio- und Videotechnik GmbH, a developer and manufacturer of high-quality digital intercom and communication systems.


2015: MicroN, MetroN and STX-200 for Skype TX 

  • Riedel presents MircoN an 80G Media network at the NAB show in Las Vegas.
  • At the ESC in Austria MediorNet MetroN – which has enormous 320-GB real-time routing capacities and gets supplied as a 19“/2HE device – celebrate it’s debut.
  • STX-200 for Skype TX is in use in Real Madrid and India´s Got Talent for the first time. STX-200 enables the integration of professional Skype calls in live productions.


2014: Olympic Wintergames and Commonwealth Games Glasgow 

  • At the Olympic Winter Gamer in Sochi Riedel delivered technical equipment for the venues and was involved in the TV production. Moreover Riedel builded a network for the video-, audio- and intercom signal distribution at the ten competition venues.
  • For the first time Riedel is the „Official Radio Communications Services Provider“ for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.


2012: Red Bull Stratos 

  • Riedel enables the wireless transmission of the video signals, the signal transport and the communication while Felix Baumgartner jumps out of the stratosphere 
    • The technical transfer gets awarded with another Emmy.


2011: Eurovision Song Contest 

  • For distribution of the video, audio, and communication signals at the Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf the organizer EBU trusted on an extensive MediorNet fiber infrastructure from Riedel Communications. 
    • Riedel installed an integrated system of MediorNet, RockNet, Artist and Performer, which turned the football stadium in a 15.000 square meters big TV-studio.


2009: MediorNet 

  • Riedel launches MediorNet, the world’s first fiber-based video network for integrated signal transport.
    •  Today MediorNet is used in the Formula One, the Olympic Games as well as further international events.


2005: Red Bull Air Race 

  • Riedel provides „Red Bull Air Race“ with extensive communication and transmission technology.
    •  In the following years Riedel wins two Emmy Awards for the production.


2004: Partyline and Olympic Games

  • Performer, the worldwide first Digital Partyline Intercom System, is launched.
  • Riedel at the Olympic Games in Athens: All venues were provided with Artist Intercom and Performer Digital Partyline for the first time. Riedel attended all Olympic Games since 2004.


2002: Olympic Wintergames

  • For the first time a Riedel Artist Intercom System is used at the Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City at the opening and closing ceremonies 


2000: EXPO & Artist

  • Extensive participation at the EXPO 2000 in Hannover in following areas:
    • Event accreditation 
    • official radio network for the operation and security, as well as for all events (ca. 3.000 radios) 
    • Intercom at all stages and venues, as well as frequency planning and monitoring at all events 
    • Glass fibre systems for video- and audio transfer
  • Artist, the worldwide first decentralized Digital Matrix Intercom System, is launched by Riedel.


1998: FIFA Worldcup

  • Extensive delivery of radiosystems for the “ARD” and “ZDF” in all stadiums of the FIFA WC 1998 in France.
    • Riedel attended every FIFA World Cup since 1998.


1994: Olympic Games 

  • Riedel receives its first contract for the Olympic Games in Lillehammer.
    •  Today Riedel provides, besides the Olypic Summer and Winter Games, global events, like FIFA Worldcup, the UEFA Euro, the Asia Games or the Eurovision Song Contest.


1993: Formula One

  • Riedel starts equipping Formula One with communication solutions. Today the FIA, and most of the teams as well as the DTM, the WCR rally and other racing events rely on Riedel systems and services.


1991: Motorola and RiFace

  • Riedel manufactures its first product: RiFace, an interface between radio and intercom. 
  • Riedel becomes a Motorola distribution partner.


1987: Founded in Wuppertal, Germany