A R&D hub in Switzerland is Riedel’s response to the increased demand for IP-enabled hardware and software solutions across its product range. The facility now concentrates a significant amount of engineering talent in a single location where there can be total focus on developing the hardware and software innovations that will drive future broadcast workflows.

Tapping engineering talent from Riedel subsidiary Archwave and the Smart Audio development team comprised of former Studer team members, this R&D center is currently operating with software developers and hardware specialists with plans to further ramp up staff and capabilities in the very near future. The R&D hub is co-located with Riedel Switzerland.

Archwave offers a complete line of USB, RAVENNA and AES67 interoperability solutions, NMOS discovery, registration and connection management, and AES70 solutions. All of these are essential components of broadcast IP workflows and their further development will be an important part of Riedel’s new R&D center. The Zurich IP Hub combines deep knowledge of contemporary IT infrastructures and many years of experience in high-volume end-node applications with efficient chip-only implementations for highly scalable technologies.

Working on easy-to-use and fully redundant Audio- and Video-Over IP connection management systems, the R&D team will put significant effort into how cloud technologies can be leveraged for Riedel’s broadcast and event applications. 

The engineering teams are working on individual projects as well as joint projects within the core Riedel R&D team.



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