A complement to Riedel’s Rental Innovation department, the R&D hub in Porto is tasked with delivering pioneering innovations and real-time analytics centered around nautical technology with a focus on water sports.

Continuing Riedel’s investments in new technologies, the Porto hub has expanded the company’s global R&D team to over 100 engineers. Started with just three members, the Riedel team in Porto has grown to a staff of five just within six months. Their focus is on developing tools for performance analysis on the water and providing technology that enables the nautical sports community to watch live broadcasts and interact in real-time with performance analytics.

The hub is located at the dynamic UPTEC Mar, a part of the University of Porto. The university specializes in scientific and technological projects that have an impact on the global ocean economy and ocean-based sports activities.


RIEDEL Communications GmbH & Co. KG
R&D Hub Portugal
UPTEC Polo do Mar – Sala F10
Av. Liberdade, 4450-718
Leça da Palmeira, Portugal

Phone +351 220 731 326
Mail: portugal(at)riedel.net