Intercom Accessories


Interface Solutions
Intelligent and seamless interfacing to the outside world is the key to success for many intercom applications. Riedel offers diverse interface solutions for the seamless integration of radios, telephones, ISDN, digital as well as analogue party-lines, audio routers or Audio-over-IP.


Network Interfacing

ConnectTrio combines the following in one half-rack/1RU device: two independent analog POTS telephone hybrids; an ISDN S0 interface with two independent ISDN B-channels; and two independent VoIP audio codecs. This not only saves rackspace and eliminates the need for additional equipment, but also provides enhanced flexibility to the intercom installation. Connect Trio enables you to dial, make and receive calls to and from any PSTN, VoIP, ISDN or mobile phone as well as G.722 reporter codecs. When used with Artist intercom systems you can even remote control panels via ISDN.

AVB-Expansion Card for Artist 1100er Control Panels

The CPX-AVB interface card integrates Artist 1100 series OLED panels directly into AVB networks. This way the card turns the control panel into an AVB enabled device making its ports available within the entire AVB network. The expansion card converts two Artist ports to the AVB network and vice versa.

Connect IPx2
2-Port Audio-over-IP Interface

The Connect IPx2 is the latest addition to Riedel’s comprehensive Voice-over-IP product range. It is the small brother of the Riedel Connect IPx8 panel interface and is designed to connect up to two Artist control panels to the matrix via IP based networks. The device is available in two versions: The CAT5 version is for connecting panels and other AES signals, while the AIO version is perfect for the connection of 4-wires and other analog sources. The panel interface Connect IPx2 flawlessly connects any Artist 1000, 2000, 3000 or 5000 series control panel with full functionality to Artist matrices via IP-networks. (SIP and EBU Tech 3347 compatible)

Connect IPx8
8-Port Audio-over-IP Interface

Connect IPx8 provides low-bandwidth Audio-over-IP interfacing for intercom systems. The 19”/1RU unit converts eight AES or analogue signals into compressed IP data and vice versa. The device is available in three versions: The CAT5 and COAX versions are for connecting panels and other AES signals, while the AIO version is perfect for the connection of 4-wires and other analog sources. The device supports remote user control key-panels with full functionality. (SIP and EBU Tech 3347 compatible)

The Connect AVBx8 converts eight AES signals to AVB and vice versa. Built in a compact 9.5”/1RU housing the device provides eight CAT5 ports to connect up to eight Artist control panels in one or two-channel mode to the matrix via IP-based LANs.     

Connect AVB C8
AVB AES Interface

Connect AVB C8 offers eight AES connections on BNC. The device supports both bi-directional AES for intercom panels and unidirectional transport for broadcast AES

Connect AVB A8
AVB Analog Audio Interface

Connect AVB A8 provides eight analog inputs and outputs on RJ45 connectors.


    Partyline Interfacing

    Performer C22
    Matrix to Digital Partyline Interface

    The Performer C22 system interface converts two two-channel CAT5 matrix ports to two phantom powered digital beltpack lines and vice versa, allowing seamless integration of digital partylines with matrix intercom systems. In addition it can also be used for any application, where you would like to route digital partyline intercoms via an AES digital audio infrastructure such as MediorNet, Artist or any 3rd party AES audio router solution supporting transparent AES user bit transport.
    The device provides an internal matrix, allowing to either operate the two ports independently as two independent partylines or to build one distributed partyline via AES. The beltpacks are connected to the ¼ 19”/1 RU unit via standard 3 pin XLR cables. The Performer C22 can power daisy-chains of up to nine beltpacks, split-boxes or desktop speaker stations per line.

    2/4-Wire Interface

    The 19“/1 RU 4-channel 2/4-wire interface IF-2104 converts four partyline channels to transformer balanced audio inputs and outputs (4-wire) on individual XLR-connectors. The 2/4-wire hybrid features automatic nulling. The interface detects the GPI and switches built in relays to activate paging systems, radio equipment or other external devices.

    Performer C44plus
    System Interface

    The C44plus System Interface seamlessly integrates digital partylines in matrix intercom environments and can also serve as a stand-alone matrix for small applications. The plus-version features a USB-port on the front to connect a PC to configure the internal 24x24 matrix via the new Performer Audio Assignment Software. The 19“/1RU unit converts four two-channel CAT5 matrix ports to four phantom powered beltpack lines. The beltpacks are connected to the C44plus via standard 3 pin XLR cables. Up to 16 beltpacks can be daisy-chained on each line, one C44plus can power up to 38 beltpacks. For stand-alone use the device features an integrated 24x24 ports digital intercom matrix, which can be configured via Riedel’s Audio Assignment Software. Pre-programmed configurations can be loaded via the DIP-switches on the front.

    Full digital interfacing is provided for Artist and Performer 32 matrix systems. Analogue 4-wire I/Os and GPIs are provided for interfacing to 3rd party intercom systems. The C44 provides short-circuit protection on each powered line individually. Separate DC inputs and outputs at the rear of the unit can be used to provide redundant power.

      Performer AAS
      Audio Assignment Software for C44plus

      The Windows-based Performer Audio Assignment Software is an intuitive tool for editing the settings of eight pre-programmed configurations, which can be activated through DIP switches on the front of the Performer C44plus. This expansion will enable the C44plus to serve as the heart of a small stand-alone intercom solution.


        3rd Party Intercom Interfacing

        RTS/Telex* Trunking Interface

        The Riedel Actor is a revolutionary solution that allows intelligent trunking between Riedel Artist Digital Matrix Intercom systems and third party intercom installations. All available audio connections are handled in an intelligent way. Multiple calls to one destination use only one trunk line. Also calls from one source to multiple destinations will use only one trunk line. This enables an efficient use of available audio bandwidth. ACTOR operates as an interface between the two systems and shows the local resources of the Riedel Artist Digital Matrix Intercom to the 3rd party system as if they were an integral part of that system and vice versa.

        ACTOR is self-configuring and auto-senses the amount of available audio connections. It understands the “language” and functions of third party intercoms. This way Riedel’s ACTOR helps to secure previous intercom investments and enables customers to proceed in future intercom installations with a Artist Digital Matrix Intercom solution from Riedel.

        * RTS & Telex are registered trademarks of Bosch Security Systems Inc.


        Radio Interfacing

        RiFace G2
        Universal Radio Interface

        The RiFace G2 is a universal radio interface to connect wired communication systems with walkie-talkie radio systems. The 19”/2RU interface includes one or two two-way radios (user provided), processor logic to control the radios, DSP-presets as well as circuitry to adjust the levels of the various audio sources. Set-up and operation is fast and easy. The RiFace G2 can also operate as a stand-alone radio repeater.

        • Convenient operation via color display and rotary encoder
        • DSP-presets incl. EQ
        • Advanced signalisation
        • Slot for option cards
        • Reduction in weight
        • Enhanced thermal management

        Integrated TETRA Radio System for Artist Intercoms

        Besides wireless intercom systems, wireless communications at events are usually based on professional mobile radios or digital trunked radios. While analog radios are easily integrated with the wired intercom system via the Riedel RiFace, Riedel now provides JUGGLER, a compact TETRA digital trunked radio network solution for Artist Digital Matrix Intercoms, which provides seamless integration of wired intercom and professional digital radio applications.


        GPI Interfacing

        GPI Interface

        The RIF-1032 is an external GPI interface designed for the Artist digital intercom. The device connects to the expansion ports of all Artist 1000, 2000 and 3000 series control panels, as well as the DIF-1000, via CAT5 cabling. While six RIF-1032 GPI interfaces can be cascaded for each matrix port, this versatile interface provides 32 single-fused, potential free change-over contacts as well as potential free inputs.


        Panel Accessories

        AVB-Expansion Card for Artist 1100er Control Panels

        The CPX-AVB interface card integrates Artist 1100 series OLED panels directly into AVB networks. This way the card turns the control panel into an AVB enabled device making its ports available within the entire AVB network. The expansion card converts two Artist ports to the AVB network and vice versa.

        PMX-2004 SFP
        Panel Multiplexer

        The PMX-Series panel multiplexers are used to remote up to four (PMX-2008: eight) intercom panels from the Artist matrix using a fibre link. Depending on the SFP modul (SM/MM) the system allows operation of a group of intercom panels over a distance of up to 500 m (1,600 ft) or 2 km (1.2 miles) in a cost-effective way while reducing setup time to a minimum.

        Fiber Interface Adapter

        The FBI converts an Artist panel port from CAT5 to fiber in a bidirectional way providing long distance operation of Artist control panels. As the unit offers both connectors, for the matrix and for the panel, it can be inserted on either side. The interface may also be used for the bidirectional transmission of an AES3 signal. Distances up to 2,000 m (6,600 ft) can be realised using duplex multimode fiber.

        Coax Interface Adapter

        The CIA interface converts an Artist panel port from CAT5 to 75 Ω Coax and vice versa. Since Artist control panels provide both CAT5 and coax interfaces for connection to the matrix, CIA’s can be used to adapt an Artist matrix port to the existing infrastructure, especially useful for OB-vans and mobile applications. Distances up to 500 m (1,800 ft) can be realized using 0.8/4.9 video cable.

        Coax Expander

        The Riedel DCA-1000 expands the possible length of coax links. The standard maximum distance between an Artist control panel and a matrix mainframe over a single coax cable is 500 meters (1,650 ft).The new Riedel DCA-1000 is a tiny converter box that enables panels to be connected to matrix mainframes via coax over a distance of up to 1,000 meters (3,300 ft).


        Matrix Accessories